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Support increased county funding

We need your help with county library funding!

See the Bulletin Journal Article about library funding

Those who live outside of city limits within Buchanan County-
Please personalize the sample letter and send it to the Buchanan County Supervisors by
Saturday, Feb. 8.

The six public libraries (PL) of Buchanan County are funded in part by Buchanan County.  These libraries are asking for increased funding from the county.  Each of our libraries is supported through our cities, Buchanan County, and much smaller dollar amounts come from the state as well as fines/fees

    The libraries currently receive $12.18 per person.  When compared to city funding, it is less than one third of the average amount the Buchanan County Libraries receive.  The expectation is not to match the city budget allocations, but to be about 75% of the average city budget allocation.  This year the libraries are requesting $15.50, which is $1.43 below the state average.

    Also linked are:

    • A sheet with statistics which shows the usage and budget allocated from the county.
    • A sample letter that needs to be personalized and signed before sending to the Buchanan County Supervisors.  Please send it by Feb. 8th.

    If you have any questions, please ask Laura Blaker, Independence Public Library Director, at 319-334-2470 or a library board member.

    Thanks for your help!