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New and Improving

This month, I would like to make special note of the new circulating eBook Readers and the library’s website.  We will be checking out NOOKColor eReaders and looking to make some improvements in our online presence with your help.  Find out more below!

GATE for the Community
The eBook trend continues to grow in popularity and the library will be expanding its services in this area.  eBooks are digital copies of books that can be transferred to a computer or portable device like an iPad, NOOK,  Kindle, tablet, or smart phone.  With a big thanks to a grant from the Buchanan County Community Foundation and the Independence Public Library Foundation, the library is beginning GATE (Greater Access To Ereading) for the community.

One of the biggest changes that you will see is the availability of NOOK devices (eReaders) that are pre-loaded with an incredible assortment of varied genres and popular titles.  You may want to check out the NOOK (literally) to get a feel for reading with an eReader device, or for another way to get your hands on current, popular titles.  You will be able to keep the NOOK for two weeks and read any of the 60 plus titles you would like during that time.  There have also been increases in the number of eBook titles to download through NEIBORS.  Those options will continue to get a nice boost in the next several months with funds from the Buchanan County Community Foundation and Independence Public Library Foundation.

Learn much more by coming to the GATE Night Open House any time between 4 – 7 pm on Thursday, November 1.  There will also be an eReader Petting Zoo during that time!

Website Improvements – Please help!
The library will be taking a look at its website at with a more critical eye.  A free service through the state library provides our web software and hosts the site for us.  The website should be up-to-date, easy to use, include the information that you need, and be inviting and graphically pleasing.   A brief analysis would tell me that the site is lacking in at least two of these areas.

Please provide your feedback by filling out a survey about our website.  A link to the survey can be found on the website, on the Library Link eNewsletter, and on Facebook.  If you would rather fill out a paper copy, we will have the forms available at the library as well.  If you have trouble finding specific information on the site, please include that information in your survey…it would be particularly helpful to know what is not intuitive in the layout and navigation of the site.

The library will work on improving the website to meet your needs.  Thanks in advance for helping us with your comments and input!