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PETITION: Pedestrian Safety in Front of the Independence Public Library

The petition below was turned in at the Independence City Council Meeting on June 23. There were 563 signatures with a few county signatures in the mix, so we estimate 550 valid signatures. Thank you for your support!

The intersection north of the Independence Public Library is heavily-traveled by vehicles and is frequently crossed by pedestrians and bikers going to and from the library. Since 2012, the City of Independence has considered recommendations for improving safety for pedestrians at this intersection; the site of several near accidents and a very serious accident on March 13, 2014. A six-year-old boy was hit by a vehicle and suffered a skull fracture. The warning signs that have been posted do not provide the extent of protection needed in this area to keep pedestrians and bikers safe.

We, the undersigned, request the City of Independence take additional action to ensure people’s safety at the intersection north of the public library at 1st St East and 8th Ave NE.  The City of Independence must hire a Licensed Traffic Engineer by August 15 to evaluate the intersection with the task of determining a safety solution.  Action must be taken on the engineer’s safety solution within one month from its announcement, having the goal of complete implementation within two months.

Please feel free to call the library with questions at 319-334-2470.  You may also email or find us on Facebook.