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Scientists on the Move Update

Will Dr. Fizz or Professor Boom Bike Farther?
profboom_biking  drfizz_biking

July 25 was the last day to check out Prof Book and Dr Fizz, but you can send your pictures in until Aug 2.

How far have they gone so far?  As of July 28, Dr. Kara Fizz has biked 43 miles and Professor Vonnie Boom has biked 1,444 miles!!  Dr. Fizz needs to get out of the laboratory and have a little fun! 

We have two mini-scientists that were available for checkout through July 25 to take on an adventure, and collect evidence (take a snapshot) of you reading with them!  Professor Boom (a.k.a. Vonnie) and Dr Fizz (a.k.a. Kara) are biking...with a little help from some rocket power!

What can you win?  If you take a picture with a scientist and submit it, you get an extra prize chance or a full-size candy bar...your choice. Just follow the directions on the back of the mini-scientist after you check it out!

See where they've already traveled by clicking on an image above! 

Check out pictures already submitted on the one here.