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Drop your Fines & Pick up a Date… @ your Library!

The library has some interesting and helpful proposals for you in February.  We can set you up with a blind date and erase your fines!

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, the library would like to set you up on a blind date…with a book!  Come to the library and choose a covered book with a few hints about the contents on the cover. 

Expand your reading repertoire and go out on a limb, as well as a date.  Check out your blind date, read it, and rate the book for a chance at a prize.  The advantage to this kind of a blind date…the book doesn’t talk back or make judgments!

In addition to Valentine’s Day, February is Amnesty Month.  The library will collect "Food for Fines."  Clear your unpaid library fines and get a fresh start during amnesty month by donating food to those in need.  Each donated non-perishable food item will erase $1.00 of fines from your card.  If you prefer to pay your fine, that money will also go to the food pantry.  Both food and fine money received throughout Amnesty Month will be given to the Independence Area Food Pantry.

We will also be pleased to accept donations to the food pantry by those who don't have fines.  Just bring your donations to the library as a convenient drop-off location during the month of February. 

The food and funds donated during Amnesty Month will go towards the Feinstein Challenge, so your donations will help more than ever!  Benefits received from the challenge are dependent on the amount of food and money collected locally.  Whatever is donated at the library will translate into bigger benefits from the Feinstein Foundation.

Did I mention that February is Love your Library Month?  Love your library, pick up a date, love your friends and neighbors in need…and get rid of those fines!  Take advantage of all this in February @ your library! Please contact the library with any questions you have at 319-334-2470,, or stop in to see us!