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February is Amnesty Month

February is Amnesty Month

Picture of previous Food for Fines donation

February is Amnesty Month @ your library!

food_finesThroughout the month of February is "Food for Fines."  Clear your unpaid library fines and get a fresh start during amnesty month by donating food to those in need.  Each donated food item will erase $1.00 of fines from your card.  If you prefer to pay your fine, that money will also go to the food pantry.  Both food and fine money received throughout Amnesty Month will be given to the Independence Area Food Pantry. You will have a clear account and a fresh new start at the library!

We will also be pleased to accept donations to the food pantry by those who don't have fines.  Just bring your donations to the library as a convenient drop-off location during the month of February.